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MF supply program

Massey Ferguson: with over 160 years of experience, skilled employees, modern production facilities and solid agricultural machinery, it is a big name in the agri sector worldwide.

The agricultural tractors

There is a complete tractor program for all companies in agriculture and horticulture. Massey Ferguson machines are known for their reliable engines and high-quality performance. Because MF uses the latest techniques you can use your machine optimally. Read more about the following series: MF 5700, MF 5700 S, MF 6700, MF 6700 S, MF 7700 S and MF 8700 S.

The special tractors

The powerful compact tractors from the MF 1500 and MF 1700 series are very suitable for, for example, maintaining public gardens and sports fields. The high-quality machines from the MF 3700 V / S / F / GE / WF series have been developed especially for the horticultural sector.

The balers

With the MF balers (conventional, round bales and large balers) it is possible to press a maximum amount of crop material into each bale. This makes transportation, storage and use easier. Harvest information is easy to register and analyze.

The combines

The MF program contains combines from 176 to 647 hp. From conventional straw walkers to hybrid separation systems, grain tanks up to 17000 liters, cutting widths up to over 10 meters, high-inertial threshing drums and various skyline cabins ... there is always a combine harvester that suits your needs.

Model Power
(ISO hp)
Number of
grain tank
MF 7340 Activa 176 5 5200 l. 32,6
MF 7344 Activa 218 5 7000 l. 34,2
MF 7345S Activa 243 5 8600 l. 34,6
MF 7345S Activa MCS 243 5 8600 l. 35,2
MF 7347S Activa 306 6 8600 l. 38,3
MF 7347S Activa MCS 306 6 8600 l. 38,3
MF 7360 Beta 306 5 9000 l. 38,9
MF 7370 Beta 360 6 9000 l. 40,7
MF 7380 Centora 379 8 10500 l. 43,0
MF 7382 Centora 404 8 12500 l. 43,5
MF 9380 Delta 500 2 12500 l. *
MF Ideal 7 451 1 12300 l. *
MF Ideal 8 538 2 17000 l. *
MF Ideal 9 647 2 17000 l. *

Calculate the COF

The C.O.F. (Calculated Output Factor) allows you to compare combines. With a logarithmic formula, in which all major components of a conventional combine harvester are included, the capacity is calculated. The outcome will vary between 25 (low capacity) and 43 (high capacity).

Threshing cylinder width m
Threshing cylinder diameter cm
Tedders surface
Tedders aid   janee
Separation system surface
Grain tank capacity
Engine capacity hp
Weight tons


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